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This happened to us in January this year. It is very tame compared to what I read here, but it was a very special experience for us. They are not swingers, and really are not that adventurous. My husband Alan and I ( Ellen), decided to take a ski vacation in Colorado this year. mastishare We heard it was much less crowded are much cheaper. As it turned out was an old friend, Colin, will be in Denver on business at the same time, and offered to take a night with us. Alan offered him a bed, so that children could have a bit of the night, but I was not very interested mastishare in this agreement, as in the first night we were there should be. In fact, I was about to give everyone the cold shoulder and nest to sleep early to be in a bad mood, that's exactly what I did. Now, Alan and I are avid skiers, and so are in great shape for 30 years. Colin, who had never known turned out to be a pretty in shape. I could just picture him drawing women'D want. However, when the boys arrived this afternoon that was clearly enjoying the local beer Fat Tire. Colin was very much in his bed, but wanted to play Alan. Of course I was hurt, but he stood firm. Finally, I thought I might as well, and soon I was awakened by surprise. It mastishare was just a great missionary, he did not want to expose the flesh, even mastishare more than I had, but before I knew it was as good as me. I suppose that both the beer and the amount of aid, but Alan seemed to be the last, much more than normal in the situation. So I found myself come more than once, which is very unusual for me. I thought the days were we could, in fact, far more than other things besides hit the slopes ! But just when I got my semen second, looked at me and I came face to face with Colin, who appeared to be satisfied under the sheets. What I felt at that time was a very strange mixture of fear, shame, and ex-extreme sexual satisfaction, all in one. I was not sure what to do, but it seemed just smiled and fell. be The next day, no one said anything about the night before, but Colin said he would be able to add one more day, if we were to them. I do not object this time, and we spent all day in the beautiful Colorado Rockies, we are working through run after run. I really did not think much of the night before, but was in a sort of dreamy classes on sexual state throughout the day. It's hard to explain but it felt nice and cozy and fun. That night, we have a great dinner and drinks and hot tub were fun, then landed back in the room early, as it exhausted all day. However, Alan was stubborn again and this mastishare time I did not care, in fact, quite the opposite. As soon as he started fingering me, I was above it. I kind of threw the leaves, so I go one on the tail could be, able to see, Colin was able to suck. Alan came to, IHe licks me until I was ready again, I felt incredibly sexy grinding mouth while watching Colin. When Alan was ready next time I rode and rode him like a madman. I saw Colin in the eye and asked if he liked the show. I'm sure how I feel about what happened next: Colin stood, naked and hard, and Alan came to me, grabbed me and kissed me hard and deep and began aggressively finger me at the same time. All the time, Alan and I were fucking away. I came so hard and so mastishare deep that I almost fainted ! I've never had something like that happens. Alan came back, and I remembered something he had his cock in me! Colin then pushed me onto the bed, my legs and grabbed me like an animal. He was not very nice, soft, or just me and grabbed me hard and fast again. I was quite surprised because this has never happened. was naturally worried about Alan, but mastishare looked into it, and spent twothe next few hours doing all kinds of things that I had just read. He even tried to DP, and although it turns out that I'm not a fan (too complicated), it seemed that the young, the idea of ​​me, totally at their mercy, how, and to be honest, I did! I enjoyed the roughness of Colin and I think I learned a thing or two about Alan does not need me mastishare like a delicate flower (men - to mastishare attract many of us really like a good hair and ass slapped while taken from the back) for the treatment of Colin the next day, but Alan and I enjoyed the rest of the trip, go skiing and fuck like never before. Not sure if I do all three again, mastishare but Alan has suggested that I pay him with another girl. Maybe for mastishare my birthday.
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